One-Ingredient Miracle

One-Ingredient Miracle

Our featherweight and skin-transforming Apricot Kernel oil is the power of one that your skin needs today.

If you live in India you may have encountered and appreciated the beautiful skin that "pahadi" (those who live in the mountains) women have. We decided to bottle the secret behind their beautiful skin, allowing the power of one to touch you even if you don't live in the Himalayas.

Our Apricot Kernel oil is so light it vanishes into the skin with the lightest massage and gives you results within weeks. Your skin will look plumper and firmer thanks to the gamma linoleum acid that is inherent in the oil. Gamma Linoleic Acid is widely known to firm and tone the skin allowing the skin to appear visibly plumper and firmer after regular use.

Apricot kernel oil also contains Vitamin A which is known to soothe inflamed skin making it a favourite for those who suffer from Eczema.

Similar in texture to sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil is often used as a safer alternative to skin enrichment by those suffering from nut allergies.

Owing to a similar lipid content nature as that of the skin, Apricot Kernel oil is known to revive even the most dullest and driest of skins within a short span of time. The fine texture of the oil allows easy penetration and deep nourishment allowing for quick results without the risk of break outs or greasiness.

Our Apricot Kernel oil contains no fragrance and carries the natural earthy smell of the Himalayas without any dilution with any other oils. Concentrated with nourishing antioxidants it can be used on the face and body and is safe for expectant mothers and infants.

Our Apricot Kernel oil is now available for purchase in India via and in the US & Canada via 

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