Not just a toast topper!

Not just a toast topper!

Our Avocado Oil Moisturiser promises you skin-enhancing benefits in a matter of weeks.

Yes Avocados are having a moment and for good reason. This delicious green fruit packs some serious power with its skin-loving acids - oleic acid, linoleic acid and polyhydroxy which experts say give the skin a collagen boost making it look healthier and younger.

Our richly hydrating formula will give your skin all the love it needs after being exposed to stress, pollution and other lifestyle influences. Packed with Vitamin E, avocados maintain the suppleness of the skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Skin care experts tout avocados as a powerhouse of healthy fat and antioxidants which help fight free radical damage reviving even the most dullest of skins. The poly and monounsaturated fat content in avocados keep the top layer of the skin moisturised while also protecting it from sun damage.

Here's what some of our customers in the US and India are saying about our avocado oil moisturiser :

"After purchasing and returning countless organic moisturisers that had thousands of great reviews and all promised the world to you, I stumbled upon this hidden gem. This product deserves more recognition, so I've decided to write this review (on
Upon application it instantly leaves your skin feeling smooth, tight and and hydrated. The price is also refreshing... finally a company that is not willing to overcharge you for using ingredients that grow abundantly in nature..."

"I really enjoy using this moisturiser. However I like using it more for a primer than a moisturiser. I use it right before putting on my make-up and it smooths over my pores and makes my make-up last all day long..."

"A light yet super effective moisturiser without the stickiness."

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